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A Comprehensive Guide of Buying a Poodle Puppy

Poodle Puppies are elegant, clever and proud. It is completely irresistible to stay away from them. A Poodle is a remarkable dog that stands proudly among dog dom’s true aristocrats. This curly and slim canine is an elegant athlete and an excellent companion for all seasons and reasons. Behind the impressive hairdos, regal attitude, and blue ribbons, you will discover an affectionate and lovable family dog with sound history and uncountable talents.

What is the Real History of Poodle Puppies? 

Despite being France’s national dog, the poodle is a German breed. The name “pudel” or “pudelin” derives from a German phrase that means “to splash in the water,” and the breed is known in France as Caniche, which means “duck dog.”

These dogs were initially bred as water retrievers, and the poodle was named after splashing in the water. Their work was to return ducks and other birds to their owners. 

What are Some Exciting Stats about Pets around the World? 

According to the American Pet Products Association, approximately 70% of all U.S. households own a pet. Moreover, dogs are the most popular pets worldwide. Additionally, 69.0 million U.S. households own dogs. 

The numbers of households with other pets are- 

Homes having birds are 9.9 million, cats 45.3 million, Horses 3.5 million, fish 11.8 million, reptiles 5.7 million, and other small animals 6.2 million. 

These stats were from the Breakdown of pet ownership in the U.S. in recent years. It helps you to determine which pets are the most famous ones amongst people. Of course, “Dogs.”

So, How many Kinds of Poodle Puppies are around? 

There are a total of seven fundamental poodle types, and their names go as- standard, miniature, toy, teacup, and moyen. However, these are not all the poodle breeds that are around the world.  

In addition, there is a large variety of poodle mixes, and they all are different from each other. Their colors, size, and temperament make them unique from all. Some of the popular poodle mixes are Shih TzuBernedoodleYorkie, Australian shepherd, Bichpoo, a golden doodle, and the list goes on and on. 

They say there are more than 20 poodle breeds around the world. A similar thing about them all is, they are the most charming and lovable dogs. 

Let’s talk about some of their popular breeds and what to check before getting them.  

How to Select a Standard Poodle? 

Before buying a standard poodle, research the breed’s characteristics so that you’re prepared to ask queries during the selecting process. With the proper information, you’ll be able to evaluate the dog you’re selecting. It will help you ensure there aren’t any major structural issues with the puppy you’re going to bring home. 

Look for breeders who are selling standard poodles. Find out how many puppies are available and when you can get them.  

How to Select a Shih Tzu Poodle? 

A Shih Tzu or Shih- poo is a mix between a poodle and a Shih-Tzu. These are incredible dogs if you live in an apartment or a tiny house. If you want to buy one, contact a breeder. You can find these adorable dogs online as well. For selecting a Shih Tzu, keep an eye on the puppy as it interacts with the other puppies in the litter. 

Examine the fur of the puppy. If you find the puppy good to take, go for it and bring it home. 

How to Select a Yorkie poodle? 

The Yorkipoo is a mixed breed that mixes a miniature poodle and a Yorkshire terrier in most cases. Yorkipoo dogs have been described as charming teddy bears because of their fluffy coats. Despite its tiny size, the Yorkie Poo is a lively, attention-seeking dog with a sharp mind. While selecting a Yorkipoo, ensure the puppy has a soft thick fur and looks cheerful. 

A healthy puppy will instantly start playing with you and will have a soft, shiny coat. 

How to Select an Australian Shepherd Poodle? 

Australian shepherd poodle is a mixed breed between an Australian shepherd and a traditional poodle. They are famous for their specific traits, such as herding ability. Before buying an Australian shepherd poodle for your house, inquire about the puppies. First, examine their general well-being, energy, and structure. Then, choose the sex you desire and the style of coloring you prefer from the poodles with the most remarkable structure. 

How to Select a Miniature Poodle?

Miniature poodles are smaller than standard poodles and taller than toy poodles. Before buying a miniature poodle, choose the appropriate poodle size for you. Look for a trustworthy breeder. A healthy poodle will have a bright coat, no discharge from the eyes, and around, unbloated belly. Their eyes should be dark in color, oval in shape, and dazzling in appearance.

Why are Poodles so Popular?

Thinking about a furry little poodle won’t be surprised if someone asks you to think about a most popular dog. Of course, poodles have many reasons why they’re so famous amongst all ages and people. Poodles are the most charming dogs as they got incredible personalities. Their intelligence makes them easy to train dogs. They are adaptable and can adjust from small apartments to big houses easily. 

They are less allergic dogs, and their coats don’t shed. They are one of the biggest snugglers and will shower bundles of love on you. Poodles are loyal and friendly dogs that are suitable for both elders and children. Their style and uniqueness are unmatchable. So, why won’t they be popular? 

What are the Most Common Health Concerns of Poodles? 

Poodles are typically considered to be a sturdy breed with only a few health problems. Most poodles live a perfectly healthy long life thanks to a long history of genetically producing a peaceful, compassionate, and clever dog. However, sometimes they can suffer from minor health concerns such as bloating and a shedding coat. 

These concerns can be reduced if you provide them with proper nutrients and regular exercise. It helps them to maintain a healthy body and a long life. 

How to Groom a Poodle Mix? 

If you want to groom your poodle puppy at home, here is what you need to do- 

Before bathing, brush your poodle mix with a slicker brush to remove any loose coat. After, that bath it. Use a dog shampoo that is specifically formulated for your dog’s coat type and color. Towel dry, then blow dry your dog on a low setting using a hairdryer. 

Then, place your poodle mix on a grooming table and comb the hair on the legs. Trim their hair from the knee down so that it is even with the hair on the tops of the legs. Next, trim the head with scissors, leaving as much hair on the dog’s face as you desire. Finally, trim cautiously around the ears and get rid of any long, snazzy hair. 

How Much Exercise Does a Poodle Need?

Five minutes of exercise each day, per month of age, is the safest amount of exercise for a poodle puppy. So, for example, 5 minutes of exercise for a one-month-old poodle puppy. So they’ll be 20 minutes per day when they’re four months old, 25 minutes per day when they’re five months old, and so on.

How Long can a Poodle mix live?

Poodles and Poodle mixes have a long life expectancy. Depending on their size and health, poodles have an average life expectancy of 11-15 years. The average age of a standard poodle is around 12 years, a Shih Tzu poodle’s about 16 years, a Yorkipoo’s approximately 15 years, an Australian shepherd poodle’s around 13 years, and miniature’s around 15 years. 

How to Care for a Poodle Puppy? 

Luckily, poodle puppies aren’t hard to take care of. You just have to follow a little guide to their daily care. Take your poodle for a half-hour walk.

If your pet’s hair is cropped short, brush it once or twice a week. Wipe the inside of its ears with a damp cotton ball as well. Every six weeks, take it to a professional dog groomer for a trim. Take your dog to the vet regularly. These basic things are enough to grow a healthy poodle puppy. 

Is Poodle Hard to Maintain?

The simple answer is no, and poodles are one of the most intelligent and trainable dogs. These dogs listen intently to their master, learn rapidly, and gladly respond to positive training methods. They require daily exercise in addition to regular clipping because they are active dogs. Poodles are relatively easy to care for, but they require frequent exercise, nutritious food, and regular grooming to stay healthy and happy.

How much does it cost to Buy a Poodle? 

The average price of a poodle puppy can fall between $600 – $1800. However, it may vary according to the breed, size, and colors of the poodle puppies. 

Are poodles good family pets? 

Poodles make excellent family dogs because they are playful, lively, intelligent, and easy to teach. They thrive when they get enough mental and physical exercise, and they want to spend the majority of their time with their owners. Poodles are sensitive pets and require a peaceful environment. They’re one of the most lovable and empathetic dogs. 

Where to buy the best Poodle for your home?

The best thing about poodle dogs is they can easily be found anywhere across the world. Many breeders even offer poodles for sale. You can research and contact a breeder to get a poodle puppy for your house. But make sure to get your poodle puppy from a reliable breeder. 

Bottom Line

These specialties and unique traits make a poodle puppy an ideal pet for any household. No matter which poodle mix puppy you choose, they’ll definitely bring showers of joy and playfulness. Just ensure to buy a healthy, flourishing poodle puppy and make them your new loving companion.