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A Comprehensive Guide on Standard Poodle 

Standard poodles are some of the most intelligent, charming, and loving dogs. They are the largest dogs of poodle and poodle mix breeds. If you want to bring a fun-loving pet to your house, a standard poodle should be at the top of the list. They are highly energetic and playful dogs, and their presence can add happiness to your house.

These qualities make standard poodles one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Here are some things you should know about a standard poodle.

A brief history of standard poodles 

Poodles were recognized as a breed in 1887 by the American Kennel Club. Standard poodles were originated from Germany. However, these dogs are known as France’s national dogs. Some argue that these dogs are a descendent of French Barbet dogs.

These dogs were bred to be water retrievers. The name poodle is taken from the German word pudel, which means playing in the water. They would accompany hunters to shot-down ducks and other waterfowl from ponds and lakes. Later, they became circus dogs, and in today’s time, they are known as one of the best human companions.

What are the features of standard poodles? 

Standard poodles are the largest amongst poodle breed dogs. Their height can go up to 18 to 24 inches. They weigh around 50 to 70 pounds. Standard poodles have a pretty good life span. They can live up to 12 to 15 years. 

What are their special characters? 

These are some of the friendliest dogs. They are good with their owners, children, and cats. They have a calm temperament and are playful in nature. These dogs are sensitive and love a peaceful environment.

In addition, due to their high energy levels, standard poodles love exercising and learning new tricks. They have a shiny medium curly or wavy coat that comes in a variety of colors. The colors may include black, gray, red, cream, white, fawn, golden, brown, and other pastel shades.

The personality of standard poodles

Due to their good nature and elegant looks, some people assume them as ‘sissy’ dogs. However, this is one of the biggest myths about standard poodles. Instead, standard poodles are energetic athletes, and they can show you tricks that some other dogs lack.

They are one of the most obedient dogs. Because of their adventurous spirit, they are fond of swimming, running, hunting, and retrieving. They are pretty shy with strangers but make friends easily.

Is it easy to train a standard poodle? 

Standard poodle training is something that both dogs and owners will enjoy. They grasp activities fast and are cooperative with their trainers. You can teach them numerous tricks quickly. Training helps them reinforce good canine manners, and they feel more motivated. A good training session can help you build a strong bond with your loving standard poodle. 

Some fun facts about standard poodles 

  • •Despite originating in Germany, Standard poodles are the national dogs of France.
  • •The rarest standard poodle dog color is blue.
  • •Standard poodles are hyper-intelligent dogs, and their original purpose was hunting.
  • •Their shiny, thick fur never stops growing.
  • •These dogs prefer people over other animals, so they are ideal family pets.
  • •They have won the most dog fashion shows.

Are standard poodles high-maintenance dogs?

Many people have a misconception of standard poodles as high-maintenance homebodies who spend most of their time at the beauty parlor. But the reality differs. They are one of the outdoors dogs who love to play and have fun with their owners. 

However, just like other furry dogs, standard poodles also require regular brushing on their coat. Regular brushing and grooming keep their coat clean and healthy. It removes all the dust and dandruff from their hair and keeps the skin allergies away.

Do Standard poodles bark a lot?

Despite being an energetic dog, standard poodles love a calm environment. They have a good temperament and stay happy most of the time. Standard poodles surrounded by their family members don’t bark. Instead, they try to impress their owners with their excellent behavior.

If a standard poodle is barking, there might be something triggering them. For example, loneliness makes them anxious, and they can start barking. Strange noises and people can also cause them to bark. However, if you maintain peace and fulfill their basic needs, they don’t bark unnecessarily.

Do standard poodles like to cuddle?

Standard poodles are one of the most loving and affectionate dogs. They can become your perfect snuggling partner. They easily get attached to their owners and show love by giving them cuddles. Their thick and soft coat is ideal for snuggling during wintery nights.

Which color standard Poodles are the smartest?

When poodle breeds were assessed for their intelligence, they all were categorized as similar. However, some owners believe that different colored standard poodles have different smartness levels. According to them, black and white standard poodles are the most intelligent dogs.

It’s because these are the original colors of standard poodles. At the same time, other rare colored standard poodles such as red were bred to add uniqueness to their features, and breeders focused on their appearance more.

Which is better, male or female standard poodle?

Both male and female standard poodles have similar characteristics. However, some owners claim that male poodles are more affectionate and playful. On the other hand, female poodles are more intelligent than male poodles. In addition, male poodles try more to please their owners while female standard poodles are independent and protective.

Male poodles will spend more time loving you, while female standard poodles appreciate their personal space but are willing to do anything to protect you.

How to take care of a standard poodle puppy?

Standard poodles come in the category of healthy and happy dog breeds. They love to be active, and physical exercise helps them stay healthy. However, if you provide your standard poodle puppy with less physical activity, they can develop some health issues.

Ensure to provide them with regular exercise. You can also take them out for a walk and play. Feed them good quality dog food and proper nutrients. Also, keep their food and water to their easy reach. Remember, growing puppies will require food more frequently.

Take them to regular veterinarian visits and get them vaccinated on time. If you take care of these elements, you’ll raise a healthy and active poodle puppy.

What are the grooming needs of a standard poodle? 

The coat of a standard poodle keeps growing till their life, so they require regular grooming sessions. In addition, just like other dogs, you need to check their ears, eyes, and teeth to ensure they are clean and clear.

Dust and debris can accumulate on their curly and thick coat. You can prevent it by brushing them regularly. Brushing keeps their fur fizz-free and healthy. Also, ensure that their coat isn’t getting into their eyes. You will need to clip their coat at least once every four weeks to keep it manageable.

You can either trim their hair at home or take them to a veterinarian to give them a good trimming session. To keep your standard poodle healthy and clean, aim to provide them with a bath after every eight weeks. Also, ensure to wash their coat with good quality dog shampoo.

What to look for when buying a standard poodle puppy?

Although standard poodles are one of the best pet dogs, there are some things you need to take care of before selecting one to bring your home. If you consider getting a standard poodle puppy, do some research about it. It will help you know more about the characteristics of the pet you want to own.

Then read about their conformation standards. It will allow you to examine your puppy in a better way. Proper knowledge of standards will help you spot their structural problems, and you can bring the original standard poodle for you. Once you get the correct information about a standard poodle puppy, it will be easier for you to choose the ideal one.

How much do Standard Poodle puppies cost?

Being one of the most charming and energetic dogs, standard poodles are the most desirable pets. Their price may vary from breeder to breeder. They can cost from $400 to $20 000. However, their average price is about $1500. The price of standard poodle puppies can differ according to their colors as well.

Where can I find a Standard Poodle? 

Standard poodles are highly popular dogs, so you can get them anywhere easily. Even many online breeders provide standard poodle puppies for sale. You can find and contact a breeder to get a healthy puppy for your house. Ensure to contact a reliable breeder with good customer ratings and history and get a new companion soon. 

Bottom line 

Standard poodle’s unique characteristics and good temperament make them ideal family pets. They love playing so they will be good with your children. In addition, their cuddly behavior makes them great friends of older people. So, if you’re ready to bring this amazing creature at home, find a standard poodle for sale and make them your new companion.