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Australian Shepherd - Poodle Mix For Sale

The Australian shepherd poodle mix is a cross between two of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. The Aussiedoodle is one of the most intelligent dogs that are highly active, very friendly and hard-working. Their affectionate nature makes them perfect for families with children who love games, running and enjoy lots of cuddles.

Ausiedoodles enjoy spending time with their family and like to bring them gifts. They want to be a part of everything that is going on and need an active lifestyle to be happy and calm. They love making new friends and meeting new people, and everyone they meet is instantly part of their pack.

Australian shepherds have a smooth, dual coat of hair that generally doesn’t shed very much. They are very protective of their family and have excellent guarding instincts. They will bark and let you know if anyone approaches your home.

Ausiedoodles have a wonderful personality. They like to please everyone they see as companions and housemates. They’re loyal companions who want to grow old with their families.

Our Australian shepherd poodle mix will bring smiles to your family when you take them home. They are an incredibly unique and friendly breed that shed very less hair and always remain active. Meet our team to fetch all the details about vaccination details, age, and health status and breed information.