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How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow?

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow?

Most of us love Poodles because of their hair. But that’s also the same reason they are considered high maintenance. Having said that, have you ever wondered how fast does Poodle hair grow? This is important for pet owners because this will guide you when scheduling grooming sessions.

Remember this – according to experts, your Poodle’s hair will continuously grow unless you cut it. But realistically, it should grow between 4 – 8 inches.

Poodle’s Three Hair Growth Phases

Before we dig deeper, let’s talk about your pet’s different hair growth phases. These are the Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

When we talk about the Anagen, this is the stage of active growth. The Catagen is the transition phase, and the Telogen is wherein the Poodle’s hair will no longer grow and will eventually fall out.

Puppies vs Adult Poodles, How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow 2

Just so you know, a puppy Poodle’s hair grows faster compared to an adult. In addition to that, it changes color. There’s no specific answer as to how fast it will be for all Poodles. But generally, your Poodle’s hair will grow half an inch every month, and this could vary depending on the season too.


During summer, you will notice that the hair grows a bit faster. In most cases, the owners will shear the Poodle so they could remain cool even on hot days. But please do not shave your Poodle. They can get sunburned and that’s going to cause dry skin. Over time, it will become irritating for your pet. Having said that, it’s best to apply leave-in sprays to moisturize their skin.


During springtime, there could be a lot of rain. In that case, you should trim your Poodle’s hair so it won’t get soggy or muddy. After all, your pet will still need to go out regularly. It’s best that their hair won’t be a distraction while you play outside.

Apart from avoiding dirt, keeping your Poodle’s hair short can prevent matting, which can give them discomfort in the long run.


For you Poodle, Fall could be considered the easiest season for their hair. It’s the perfect balance of cool temperature, but you can expect that it’s pretty dry all throughout the season. You can maintain their long locks, but make sure to comb it regularly.


Just in case you live in an area where it snows, we recommend that you trim the hair around the feet. Think about when they go out in the snow. If you don’t cut their hair, it will be easier for them to gather snowballs.

If you don’t want to do this, a good solution would be buying new boots. In some cases, you can get sprays that could help repel the snow. On the other hand, if you live in a region where the temperature intensely drops, better avoid trimming your Poodle’s hair.

Types of Poodle Hair

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow

Here are the common types of Poodle hair. While most of us remember them with their signature curly locks, they could inherit a different coat type depending on their parents and of course, their genetics.

Classic Coat

When we talk about the classic Poodle hair, expect that it is extremely coarse and tight. Some even refer to it as a brillo pad because of its texture. This type of hair is high-maintenance and you must brush it several times per week. In fact, doing it at least once a day is highly recommended. By doing so, you can avoid mats and tangles from forming. A classic coat needs to be trimmed and shaped regularly as well.

While some people groom their pets at home, others take them to the professionals every four to six weeks. But if that’s too frequent for you, taking them to the groomers between six to eight weeks should be fine. 

Soft Corded Curly Coat

These are Poodles wherein they look like they are wearing dreadlocks. Apparently, many owners are doing it not just for aesthetic purposes. The proper term for it though is corded, and you will notice that it is softer and silkier. Upon shaping the coat into cords, the hair becomes more manageable.

Ideal Haircut for Your Poodle

If you plan to enter in AKC canine competitions, there are breed guidelines to follow. But if not, it’s best to go for practical hairstyles for your Poodle. One of the most popular styles is the teddy bear clip where the objective is to have the hair cut short so it will not distract them from doing daily activities. In addition, it is easier to maintain for pet owners.

How Long Should You Keep Your Poodle’s Coat?

The good news is, there’s no standard answer for this. As long as you can properly maintain the hair and if your Poodle is still comfortable, you can grow it as long as you like. This depends on different factors such as your location, lifestyle, and preference. 

Best Ways to Take Care of Your Poodle’s Coat

It doesn’t matter what style or how long your Poodle hair is. You need to take care of it, and this is more than just taking them to the professional groomers. Make sure that you have the following at home:

  • Metal comb
  • Slicker brush
  • Pin brush
  • Clippers
  • Grooming shears
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Blow dryer for dogs

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Poodles 

You might see other people using human shampoo and conditioners for their pets. That’s not a good practice because our skin is different from dogs. In general, a human shampoo could dry your Poodle’s skin and this might lead to dandruff. If the pH of the human shampoo is similar to what you can get from dog shampoo, then it should be no problem. The shampoo for Poodles should be alkaline-based, so better check the labels. Yet again, don’t do this without the recommendation of your vet. As always, the best solution is to find a specially formulated shampoo.

Before giving your Poodle a bath, ensure that you have already removed the tangles. How to do it? The next section will share the best tips. 

How to Remove Mats and Tangles 

You can use the pin brush and slicker brush for untangling mats, thanks to the long metal tines it has. But remember to be gentle in doing so you don’t have to hurt your Poodles. You can also look for brushes with rubber tips and make the entire grooming experience happier for your Poodles. After removing the tangles, you can now use the comb just to check that you didn’t miss a spot. We recommend brushing your Poodle’s entire body. But as for the back, it requires less brushing than the other parts.

Effects of Mats and Tangles on Your Poodles

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow 3

Most of the time, people identify Poodles as hypoallergenic breeds because they don’t visibly shed out dead hair. This doesn’t mean that they don’t actually shed. What happens is that the hair is caught by the surrounding coat hairs and gets trapped in there.

The problem here, though, is that it will start to form mats. These are big clumps of tangled hair and it is nearly impossible to remove them with a brush. If you force combing your Poodle’s hair while they have mats, that may cause skin irritation and even infection. The only solution is to shave that part of the coat. But here’s another fact – we don’t recommend that you shave your Poodle unless it is the only resort.

To find out why, the next section will enlighten you. 

Why You Should Never Shave Your Poodle’s Hair?

Understandably, you would want to shave all your Poodle’s hair. But as much as it is tempting to do so, never do it because it can be unhealthy for your pet. If you must know, Poodles were bred to be working dogs and not as show dogs we know them today.

Since they are working dogs, they can run, swim, jump, hunt, and do all other things among many others. Their hair serves as protection so they could avoid having abrasions and injuries. But if you shave it all, just imagine the future discomfort it could bring them. 

As we’ve mentioned, shearing will be a better approach. You can take away most of its coat, but do not expose their skin as that could lead to infections. If you are not used to this technique, better leave it to the experts.

Conclusion, How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow?

Your Poodle’s hair can grow fast, and it’s a must that you know how to groom it properly. In a nutshell, brushing its hair is highly encouraged not just for aesthetic purposes. You must brush your pet as this could prevent tangles and mats from forming. If these things happen on your Poodle’s hair, it could cause issues in the long run. The only solution is to shave it, but this is discouraged as well.

Take note that your location, climate, or season could also help you decide what type of grooming your Poodle needs. That way, they will stay comfortable all throughout the year.

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