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How to Clean Poodle Ears

How to Clean Poodle Ears

In most cases, pet owners groom their dogs but failed to clean the ears. Now, if you are taking care of a Poodle, this post is for you. We are going to share tips on how to clean Poodle ears. While it is not exactly rocket-science, doing it incorrectly might cause health concerns for your Poodle. If you must know, the wax buildup could lead to ear infections. But we’re just scratching the surface here, and there is more to learn from this article.

Poodle’s Ears 

How to Clean Poodle Ears

Poodle’s ears naturally have more hair compared to other breeds. It isn’t unusual to see Standard, Miniature, or Toy Poodles having ear-related issues that could interfere with the healthy airflow in the ear canal. It is necessary that you regularly clean your pet’s ears. Of course, you can always go to professional groomers, and they could charge you between $20 – $100. However, if you want to save money, you can do it on your own. But you need to learn the proper techniques to ensure that your pet will not get hurt. 

Plucking the Poodle’s Ears 

Plucking the hair is one of the best methods to maintain clean ears. In fact, this is better than just trimming because this method will just cut the hair short, which can still block the airflow. In addition, when you clip the hair, it would result in a thick and dense area. Eventually, this will trap more bacteria and other debris.

Tools for Plucking Your Poodle’s Ear, How to Clean Poodle Ears  

There are a couple of things you’d need if you plan to clean your Poodle’s ears on your own. 

Poodle Ear Powder

The suitable powder will help you have a better grip on the strands, which can essentially make it easier to remove the hair.


This is a tool shaped to grip the hairs easily. Look for the correct size according to your Poodle, and we highly recommend getting the stainless steel. The reason for choosing stainless steel is it’s easy to disinfect. Others are using their fingers to pluck the Poodle’s hair, and we don’t encourage this. 

How to Properly Pluck Your Poodle’s Hair on the Ears  

As most of us know, Poodles are incredibly active. In that case, it would be harder to pluck their hair when they are playful. The best solution is to schedule your ear cleaning session when they are already relaxed or tired. Do it after your daily walk, and make sure to have treats so that your Poodle will feel rewarded for a good job.

There is no exact position ideal for this, but you need to ensure that both of you are comfortable. Also, you must have a good view of your pet’s ears.

  • Bend the ears gently
  • Add a bit of powder to the ear 
  • Use a hemostat to grip the hair 
  • Lock the tool and pull 

Your tone is critical too. If you speak too calmly, your Poodle might confirm that their anxiety is real. But if you sound too nervous, they might feel the same way too. Be confident and show your Poodle that this is just another routine for them. And again, you can use the treats to create a more positive experience. 

Once you are done pulling the hair, you might want to give your Poodle a relaxing ear rub. This means you have to massage the base of the ears. 

Also, don’t forget to clean the hemostat for the next use. Generally, you need to have the hairs plucked once or twice a month.

How to Clean Poodles Ears 

How to Clean Poodle Ears 2

The shape of the Poodle’s ear allows it to trap moisture. This could be a breeding ground for parasites, yeast, and bacteria. Also, it can trap debris which may cause further infections.

Together with plucking, cleaning the ears is necessary as there could be wax buildup. To clarify, some wax are beneficial because it can trap small particles. But you should remember that if wax has accumulated a lot of dirt, it must be removed. In addition, when your Poodle produces a huge amount of wax, that could be problematic too.

Fortunately, there are several ear cleaning solutions to choose from. But be careful in getting one for your Poodle. Read the labels and ensure that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Better yet, you can ask your vet for their recommendations. We do not encourage that you buy an ear solution without asking the experts. Also, you should never use plain water when cleaning the ear. 

  • Use a cleaning solution with a dropper 
  • Distribute the solution in the ear 
  • Using a cotton ball, massage the base of the ear for half a minute
  • You can also use the cotton ball as a stopper to prevent the liquid from flowing into the canal
  • Check if there is a foul smell coming from the ear, and repeat the process (this could be an indication of infection)
  • Once done, use a cotton swab to clean the inner ear and leather flap 

Avoid using the ordinary Q-Tips because that may cause injury to your Poodle’s ear. On average, you must clean your Poodle’s ear every two weeks. For some, they do it once a week, and this depends on how much your Poodle produces ear wax. 

Common Signs of Poodle Ear Infection, How to Clean the Poodle’s Ears 

How to Clean Poodle Ears 3

You must be on the lookout for the signs of an ear infection because delayed treatment can worsen the condition. Below are some of the early symptoms that your Poodle is suffering from an ear infection.


If you notice green or black wax, you should be alarmed. Others refer to it as ear gook. As a rule of thumb, any type of discharge should be taken seriously. If you see puss coming out of the ear, waste no time and take your Poodle to the vet.

Foul Odor 

When you smell an odd odor coming out of your Poodle’s ears, that could be an indication of infection. The smell is powerful and often overwhelming.

Poodle Constantly Rubbing the Ear 

In most cases, infections can be itchy. And that’s why you will notice that your dog is constantly trying to rub their head against the floor and other surfaces. In addition, they might often shake their head. You might even see that your Poodle will have this strange eye movement.

Gets Dizzy

Other ear infections may cause your dog to lose its equilibrium. If you see them off-balanced, that could be a sign that they have problems with their ears.

There are other signs to look for as well, such as getting sick or losing their appetite.

Poodle Ear Infection and Treatment 

How to Clean Poodle Ears 4

Below are the common infections that your Poodle might experience. We will also provide the recommended treatments. However, it’s always best to consult a doctor if you see anything odd with your Poodle. Usually, your Poodle’s ear will be flushed to check the ear canal. In some cases, your pet might be shaking their head too much, and that may develop a small blood clot. As a treatment, your vet will gently remove the clot, clean the area, and place a bandage.

Your vet might prescribe oral antibiotics together with ear drops. If everything goes well, the infection will be gone in three days to one week.

Ear Mites

These are a type of mange, and you can generally see it in Poodle puppies. However, even adult dogs might get this. You should take mange seriously because it can spread quickly and is highly contagious. Always observe your dog if they are excessively scratching or if they have thick crusts on the outer ear. Medications will be given, and this will be typically administered between seven to 10 days. After a couple of weeks, another round will be given to your Poodle.

Make sure to clean your entire home while you are treating your Poodle. 

Ear Yeast Infection

Your dog might develop yeast infection either on one or both ears. You may also see the infection in other parts of the body, such as the paws. The treatment involves steroid medication which could control the allergies. The most common symptom is the odor, where it smells like mold or a strong cheese popcorn.

Chronic Ear Infections 

Remember, there are rare cases that your Poodle might suffer from a chronic ear infection. If this happens, your dog might undergo surgery where the ear canal will be removed.

Conclusion, How to Clean Poodle Ears

As Poodle owners, you must ensure that your dog has optimal health. However, we’ve seen many pet owners who focus more on aesthetics. They give their Poodle a nice haircut and even buy them fancy clothes. However, when you own a Poodle, looking after their holistic health is a must.

For some, taking care of the ear is not as important. But if you are aware of the short and long-term effects of ear infections and diseases, we bet you would prioritize it too. Make it a habit to clean their ears and trim their hairs using proper tools. And lastly, if you notice odd behavior such as scratching their head against a surface, do not hesitate to take them to the vet for proper diagnosis.

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