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Poodles and Cats, Do They Get Along?

Poodles and Cats, Do They Get Along?

Do poodles get along with cats? 

Are poodles good with cats? 

These are the questions pet lovers ask. They need to understand if different pets can live harmoniously, or will it be chaotic? If you want to know the answers, this is the perfect post for you.

Will They Get Along Well, Poodles and Cats?

For years, many people have had this misconception that dogs and cats can never be friends – thanks to all the cartoons depicting it. In reality, that’s far from the truth, and they could be friends. According to most experts, it’s ideal to get a young cat instead of an adult one. The reason is that older cats might have a hard time interacting with dogs since they may have spent their whole life living without one.

It is possible that poodles will get along with cats. In fact, the natural protective instinct of a poodle can be beneficial for your other pet. But remember, each pet is different. We recommend that before you bring them together, test the waters and introduce them gradually. We will explain the tips in the latter part of this article.

Basically, the temperament of poodles can sit well with cats. Just so you know, poodles are calm compared to other breeds, and they could get easily attached. This includes getting attached to the main owner and other pets living in the same household.

Which Breed of Poodle is Best to Live with Cats?

Poodles and Cats 2

There are three types of poodles. These are known as Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Fortunately, they are all suited to live with cats. However, there’s one type that stands out in terms of living with cats in one home.

This is the Standard Poodle. Let’s explain this further.

Toy Poodles and Cats

We understand that your concern right now is the size of your dog versus the size of your cat. You might think that a Standard Poodle is too big, thus choosing a smaller dog seems like a logical solution. But you have to understand that Toy Poodles are most likely to snap, and that’s not the best environment for your cats.

Miniature Poodles and Cats

Miniature Poodles are usually slightly bigger than your cat. And again, you might believe that they are the perfect match. However, take note that among the types of poodles, the Miniature ones have the most energy, and they could potentially harm your cats.

Now, a solution for this is to give enough time for your Miniature Poodle to exercise. Without the right amount of exercise, they could play rough with your other pet.

Standard Poodles and Cats

We know that this is still a surprising fact for you, but Standard Poodles are the best if you want to take care of another pet cat. Yes, they are bigger, but their temperament is chill and mellow, and you can expect that they will be consistent at it.

How to Introduce Poodles and Cats?

Here are a few things that you need to consider when introducing your poodle to your cat, or vice versa.

Trim the Cat’s Nails

We all know that cats scratch a lot, and if you plan to introduce them to your poodle, make sure to cut their nails. Take note that your cat might get nervous upon seeing your dog and could swat them. That’s not a good way to start a friendship between your two pets.

Use a Leash

Another strategy is to put your dog on a leash and keep them by your side. This will help calm their nerves and will decrease the chances of being aggressive towards the cat.

Do It Slowly

When introducing your cat and poodle, you don’t have to do it right away. You need to be patient and do it gradually. A good technique is to introduce them through a closed door where they could familiarize themselves with the smell. From there, you can let them see each other through a gate, with your poodle on a leash.

Don’t Allow Your Poodle to Chase the Cat

This might heighten the prey drive, which can be dangerous for the cat. Don’t worry, though. Eventually, they could play tag and chase, but this should be allowed only when you are confident that they get along perfectly.

Observe and Act Right Away

You have to let them go some time, right? But before you leave your pets alone, make sure that you observe their actions. See if they are comfortable or if you need to intervene. When you feel that one is uneasy, you can stay by their side first until they are used to be together.

The important thing is that you will not let them hurt one another.

Training Your Poodle to Get Along with Cats

There are different methods of training your poodle if you wish for them to live peacefully with your cat. You can try the following strategies.

Impulse Control Training

This can help decrease your poodle’s reaction when with small animals. And with this training, they will look first at their pet owners before doing anything.

Positive Reinforcement

What you can do here is to feed them at the same time so they could associate it with food rewards. Also, you can place a few items of your cat in your dog’s territory, or vice versa. This will help them get used to each other’s smell.


This is one of the most important trainings you could give your dogs, and you must do it while they are still young. This will help them become friendly and calmer when interacting.


With this type of training, your poodle will be non-reactive when around objects that could trigger them. This is a long process and could take months to accomplish. However, if you are serious about taking care of both poodles and cats, it’s worth it.

Creating the Best Atmosphere for Poodles and Cats

Poodles and Cats 4

How can you make your home a conducive place to live in for both your cat and dog. We have here a few tips that can certainly help you.

Create a Hiding Space for Your Cat

You must create a good space for your cat where they could hide. They could rest in their hiding space and be more relaxed whenever it feels uneasy or uncomfortable. At the same time, they know that no one will ‘bug’ them.

Provide Their Own Territory

Even if you are living under one roof, it is essential that your pets have their own spaces in your home. They must have different beds, and even different stations for their food.

In addition, you must place the cat’s litterbox in a safe place. Remember, if your dog corners your cat while in the litterbox, they could be in a serious fight. This is a win-win solution as your dog can avoid accidentally eating the cat’s poop.

Give Enough Play Time for Your Poodle

If you have been reading articles about poodles, you know that they have high energies. And as we’ve said, they need time to play. Some experts believe that 60 minutes of playtime every day should be enough. Take them outside and do it twice a day.

Poodle Temperament to Watch Out For

We’ve already established that poodles can be great friends with cats. Yet again, it’s also good that you know the common temperament of poodles. This way, you can manage your expectations and even fine-tune your technique if you wish to take care of both poodles and cats.

They are Hunting Dogs

If you must know, poodles were bred to be hunters. It’s in their DNA. If they see smaller animals, it’s possible that their initial reaction is to run after them. Again, we cannot emphasize the importance of your presence when introducing your pets.

They are Emotionally Sensitive

Poodles are highly emotional and may become jealous if they see other pets in the household. It could sometimes lead to aggression.

However, do not get turned off. As always, train your poodle accordingly, and it should work just fine.

Poodles and Cats

As for your cats, you need to be observant too. Sometimes, they can also be aggressive towards dogs. But some cats are known to be friendly. This includes the Maine Coon.

What to Consider, Getting Poodles and Cats

Even if you love having different pets at home, not everyone is a good candidate to own both cats and dogs. Use our guide and see if you can handle the responsibilities.

Do You Have Ample Space?

We are not saying that you need a mansion to take care of multiple pets. But you have to consider that these lovely creatures will need their own space or territory. If you can arrange your furniture in such a way that will benefit both your pets, then do it even before adding a new one to your family.

Do You Have Time to Train?

We have made it clear the importance of training. While you can always pay an expert to do it for you, it is still essential that you are consistent with the techniques so that your pet will learn faster. Apart from the training, you must spend time with them because they tend to get anxious when left alone.

Are You Patient Enough?

At times, your pets will not change their behavior right away. Ask yourself if you are willing to wait for them to improve. No one can tell when this will happen, and that’s why you have to be patient.

Do You Have A Budget?

And lastly, do you have the financial means to take care of both poodles and cats. To give you an idea, here are a few expenses you need to cover.

  • Grooming tools
  • Professional grooming
  • Dog/Cat bed
  • Dog/Cat toys
  • Vaccination and medications
  • High food quality
  • Treats
  • Pet insurance

On average, you have to allot around $100 per pet. If your current financial status can support that, we say go ahead. But if not, you need to reconsider because it will be your pet that will be on the losing end. They might end up unhappy and malnourished.

Where to Get Your Poodles and Cats

Poodles and Cats Do They Get Along

Wondering where you can get your new pet?

Reputable Breeders

If you are decided to get a new pet, whether it’s a poodle or a cat, we recommend getting it from a credible breeder. This ensures that your pets are in good condition. Also, most breeders allow owners to return their pets if they believe it’s not the perfect fit for them.

For Poodles, you can get it for $700 – $2000. And for purebred cats, it should cost you around $1000 – $1800.


For those who would like to save yet want new pets, a shelter is an excellent place to go too. One downside, though, is you may not get ‘show quality dogs or cats. But thinking about it, you are helping these abandoned animals.

WARNING: We know that many puppy mills and cat mills may offer cheaper poodles and cats. However, refrain from transacting with them because they exist for one reason alone – profit. And with that, they do not care about the welfare of the animals. They just want to reproduce even if if the environment will cause health issues among the animals.

Conclusion, Poodles and Cats

Poodles and cats can live under one roof and can treat each other as family. With proper training and the right way of introducing both pets to each other, this is possible.

Is the case the same for other breeds? The answer is NO. So, you need to do your research on the breed’s temperament and natural attributes first.

Also, before you get multiple pets, you need to evaluate yourself. Are you ready for the responsibility of being a pet owner? Owning a poodle is already a tedious job, considering that they are high-maintenance. The same goes for your cat. So if you don’t have enough time and money to fund their needs, it’s best to choose one pet in the meantime.

Trent, Miniature Poodle Puppy

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